Walmart Savings Catcher comparison shopping app does the math, saves money

Raise your hand if you hate buying something and then finding it cheaper elsewhere. But who has time to run between stores or comb through ads? How about a shopping app that does the math for you by comparison shopping between stores? Check out Walmart Savings Catcher. You hear a lot of people protest that they hate Walmart, for a multitude of reasons. But those shoppers protest too much--because there's one undeniable reason to shop at Walmart and that's lower every day prices. This isn't a paid advertorial--it's just common fiscal sense. You can get the same products--not just on Great Value store brand, not equivalent products--the exact brands--much cheaper at Walmart. If you buy Great Value, you save exponentially more! And now, using Walmart Savings Catcher comparison shopping app, you can be sure to get the rock bottom lowest via Walmart's price match. Here's how it works.   Walmart Savings Catcher comparison shopping app does the math, saves money |

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