Free Tax Preparation Advice

Getting Your Paperwork Organized
Tax time looms ahead. Get a jump on your tax preparation with these organizational tips. Definitive guide to keeping your paperwork on hand, organized and tidy.
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Free Printable Disney Bolt Coloring Pages

Free Printable Disney Bolt Coloring Pages Disney's Bolt is a funky new full-length cartoon. Bolt is a cute little dog who plays a superhero on TV and thinks that he's a superhero in real life. Here are 20+ coloring pages featuring Bolt and his pals Penny, Mittens and Rhino. View more »

Free Printable Holiday Activities

Free Printable Halloween Coloring Cut and Paste Crafts Halloween craft projects to print free. Color, cut and paste, paper dolls with Halloween costumes, masks, pumpkin decorations, trick or treat bags, puzzles, games, treat wrappers, Halloween scenes. Cute witches, ghosts, goblins, pumpkins and more! View more »

Grant-Writing in the Classroom

Grant-Writing with Students: Class Gardening Project
Grant-writing skills involve many core curriculum skills. This rubric guides teachers and students through the grant-writing process as a class lessons. Gardening money for classroom use is the focus, but this rubric adapts to many grant-writing venues.
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Free Printable Math Lessons and Online Help

Websites for Free Math Help
Several websites that offer free math tutoring, lessons, worksheets, tools and games for basic math, fractions,decimals, algebra,geometry, trigonometry, calculus and more. Good sites for students, teachers, parents and home-schoolers.
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Free Game Websites for Older Kids

Free, Safe Online Game Sites for Elementary Age Students
A review of several free and safe online game sites for children of elementary age.
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More Free Preschool Gaming Sites

Free Online Games for Preschoolers 5 and Younger
These sites will require a free download of Adobe's flash and or Macromedia Player. Some may encourage you to sign up for a free newsletter as a parent. These newsletters often give helpful, interesting information and good parenting advice.
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Free Toddler and Preschool Internet Gaming Sites

How to Occupy a Child with Safe Internet Fun
Sites and activities specifically for younger children. Hours of safe, educational fun
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Travel Tips and Free Stuff

Traveling Tips for the Tight Budget
We've been traveling with our family of six for 15 years. This definitive guide offers a wealth of money-saving tips for lodging and dining alternatives.
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Free Online Crosswords Puzzles and Puzzle Maker

Free Printable Online Crossword Puzzle Makers
Are you a crossword lover? Here are links for hundreds of free printable crossword puzzles that are challenging and educational too!Great for teachers, parents, and anyone who loves puzzles!
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Safe, Free Internet Usage Guideline

How to Safely Play Games and Download from the Internet Without Harming Your Computer
Guide to free, legal safe internet usage.
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Free Guitar Lessons, Chords and sheet music online!

Free Printable Guitar Lessons, Sheet Music, Chords, Licks, Riffs and Tablature
Review of and links to websites with free, legal guitar chord charts. Free printable tabs, riffs, licks too! Free online guitar lessons! Also free printable sheet music. Our two sons are self-taught with free internet resources.
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Day Care and After Care for Older Kids

How to Manage Summer Day Care for School-Age Kids
Creative Ways to Manage day care and after school care for older kids. Kids will like this better too!
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Free Day Care Resources for Older Kids

Day Care for Older Kids; Free Resources
Older kids usually hate day care. Explore these free creative options to avoid day care for kids over age 10.'>View more »

200+ Easy Ways to Save Green

Live Green, Save Green
You can talk the talk, but do you walk the walk? Case in point: Living green. Only Native Americans lived totally green. But there are hundreds of ways for us to live green effort and save green as well. Reduce, reuse, recycle, donate, share every day. Here's how.
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Reduce Water Usage, Save Money!

Save 30% on Your Water or Sewer Bill
Easy ways to reduce water usage. Lower your water bill. Lower your sewer bill. Live green. Save green.
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Free Sex Offender Website

Family Watchdog: Alerts About Sex Offenders in Your Area
Family Watchdog is a free service to communities, helping residents to be aware of sex offenders in their neighborhoods. The website actually shows pictures of sexual offenders in your area and where they live. This is a very unpleasant subject. But awareness is key to safety.
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Free Back-to-School Materials for Homeschoolers and Teachers

Free Back-to-School Teaching Materials for Teachers and Home School Families
Home schooling families can take advantage of free school supplies, teaching materials, books, resources, games, posters, kits, hands-on activities and much more from Scholastic!
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Free Books for Kids from B & N

Free Books for Kids from Barnes & Noble
Inspire your children to read with free books from Barnes and Noble. Read 16 books with your children and get to your nearest B & N where they can select two new books free!
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How to Make and Keep Money

How to Generate and Keep Money
Tips for saving money, making money and keeping money.

60+ Free Community Resources for Families, Schools and Homeschoolers

60 FREE (or Cheap) Community Resources
Here is a plethora of community resources for everyone and anyone to explore and enjoy, from A (Airport) to Z (zoological gardens). With my frugal Dutch Grannie as my muse we will give you the deluxetour for the economy price! Weblinks provided too!
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Donations and Charitable Giving That Costs you Nothing

Like Crocs Shoes? Donate Your Worn-Out Crocs to Be Recycled into New Shoes for Our Neighbors Around the World is collecting worn-out and used Croc Shoes and recycling them into new shoes for needy folks around the world! Find out what it's all about and how you can help!

Free College?

If you are even thinking of going to college, you need to fill out the FAFSA (Federal Application for Student Aid). You may qualify for grants or scholarships or other forms of financial aid you never knew existed. Here's a link to my article FAQ's on the FAFSA

It will walk you through the process which although not difficult can be tedious and confusing. To file your FAFSA, be sure to visit NOT The .gov site offers free FAFSA filing and free help, while the .com site charges you $50 to prepare the form! (If we had that kind of money, we wouldn't need financial aid?!)

And best of luck with your college endeavors!!

Surveys Companies that Pay You Money

There are several sites that offer small sums for taking surveys that you can use safely. I get on the average of 8-10 invitations total per day from these sites. Each survey offers a different amount based on how long the survey takes. Most surveys pay $1.50 to $5.00. I get about one survey request per week that offers $5-$10 each. If I diligently took surveys daily, I might make $10- $15 per day total from each survey company. Here are my top 10 online survey companies with a brief description of how you will be paid. Surveys to Avoid

Free Business Help

Thinking of starting a business? I found a free helpful website to get you started. You can research any franchise opportunity free, see the best business options, complete a free online profile to see what would fit your needs, get free forum help, tutorials and free e-books. Here is the link. Entrepreneur

Free Diapers? Yes!

Somehow, I'm thinking the free diapers thing caught a few eyes. Oke-doke, here's a list of links for free diapers, coupons for diapers, etc.

Free Mania is a source for free diaper coupons and samples. S,C

Baby to Bee sign up for free newsletter with coupons and samples.

Baby Chatter good clearinghouse for free baby stuff

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