Free Printable Bridal Shower Games: Bingo, Word Games, Quizzes

I like to share free things with you on this blog. And not just kiddie stuff, though that's my specialty. I write alot about free printables. Right now a super hot search topic is "bridal shower games." So, here are free printable bridal shower games. If you've planned a shower you know how expensive it gets. Why not save time, energy and money printing games? Here are links for printable bridal shower bingo games, word games, puzzles and more.Free Printable Bridal Shower Games: Bingo, Word Games, Quizzes

Blogger Tip, Google Top Heavy Algorithm Penalizes Above the Fold Ads

Google, thy name is hypocrite. You tell us bloggers one thing, then punish us for doing it. I noticed a significant drop in Google Adsense earnings on my blogs. I checked Search Engine Land, my go to site for Google algorithm updates.

Sure enough, on Feb. 6, Google refreshed their "top heavy ad" algorithm. Now Google search indexing punishes sites with too many ads above the fold (the point on a webpage where content isn't visible without scrolling down). So sites with too many ads and too little content in the immediate viewing area got nailed.   Google Top Heavy Algorithm Refresh Penalizes Above the Fold Ads, Hypocrites!

How I Manage 55 Blogs

I wrote how Bubblews earnings pay my grocery bill. I shared that I blog articles I write here and around the web on my 55 blogs. When I say that I run 55 blogs, someone invariably asks "Pray tell how???" Fair question. Freelancing is my job. I write 30-40 articles a week --shorter on sites like Bubblews, longer on paid content sites. Writing for the Web 101 How I Manage 55 Blogs 


I Am a Serial Reader and Commenter on Bubblews

I confess, I read and comment too much on Bubblews. Or should I say too long. I can get stuck pondering one article and formulating a response for 10 minutes when serial likers have blown through 20 posts in that time. Okay, to say it's a fault is facetious. Serial liking is a violation.

Serial likers don't take time to leave comments because that slows their juggernaut down. I've read complaints saying they didn't even read the piece. That's not for me to judge. Some people are speed readers.  I Am a Serial Reader and Commenter, You Will Appreciate That at Cashout 

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