How I reversed diabetes, obesity and lost 100 pounds with A-Z ketogenic diet foods

The #Reality TV show "My 600-lb Life [VIDEO]" exemplifies how obesity increases risk of pre-#diabetes (also called insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome), Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure and liver disease. Dr. Nowzaradan's morbidly obese patients are riddled with these and a host of other problems. But, the good news is that all are treatable with weight loss and diet and I'm proof. After losing 100 pounds and 10 dress sizes from 22 to 6, I lost prediabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and liver problems. Here's how I halted these problems with A-Z ketogenic diet foods.   How I reversed diabetes, obesity with A-Z ketogenic diet foods for weight loss

Back to school freebies: How to save 80% on school supplies and school clothes shopping

Labor Day means children return to school. It also means back to school shopping. If you haven't finished buying for school, that's good. Because you'll want this list of do's and don'ts to save 80 percent on school supplies, school clothes and back to school stuff.

 * Don't fall for all the back to school marketing ploys. Take advantage of sales, but wait to find out what your child's teacher actually requires. Take it from a teacher, many store school supply lists trick you into buying things you don't need.
* Don't buy items the school provides. Schools supply paper, crayons, construction paper, glue sticks, tape, folders, notebooks and calculators. Students tend to waste shared supplies. Send personal hygiene items, hand sanitizer and tissues, in your child's backpack for her use only.
* Do buy back to school sale supplies for home use: 10 cent glue sticks and notebooks, 5 cent folders and 25 cent crayons.
* Do use free online basic and graphing calculators and printable planner pages. You'll save can save over $100 this way.
* Don't buy school supplies from school stores or PTA sponsored booths. They pad costs as a fundraiser. Buy from back to school sales at Walmart, Target or Staples.
* Do stock up on "specialty" essentials. Watch for sales on specific items required for certain classes. Here are sale and retail price comparisons:
--wireless composition (theme) books: 40 cents vs. $3.99
--index cards: 25 cent vs. $1.99
--dry-erase pens: 40 cents vs. $1 each
--permanent markers and highlighters: 25 cents vs. $1.99
--Post-It sticky notes: $1 vs. $4
* Buy extra when durable goods go on sale. Here are back-to-school sale price comparisons:
--Backpack: $7 to $18 vs. $40 to $60. Because backpacks wear out midway through the year, no matter how expensive they are, buy two when they go on sale. Choose larger backpacks for older children to prevent damage from overfilling.
--Binders: $10 vs. $25. Avoid hard shell binders: zippers tend to break. Choose a flexible fabric binder.
--Lunch kits: $5 vs. $14. Buy hard shell or bento box style here and skip fabric lunch kits which are easily damaged and difficult to clean. Buy two on sale if your child regularly takes cold lunch.
--Metal water bottles: $2 vs. $7.
* Do stock up on undergarments. Look for two-for-one pricing and rebates on socks, underwear and T-shirts.
* Don't overspend on clothing. Children grow quickly. Four to six pairs of pants and six to seven shirts are plenty for school. Buy clothing for durability, comfort and ease of care. Avoid fussy clothes that children can't play in. Buy jeans for $6 to $8 a pair and shirts for $3 to $5 each at Walmart, Family Dollar, Target and Children's Place.
* Do check secondhand stores. Selection is limited and prices are often comparable to retail stores, however.
* Do check brand store clearance racks. Here are my best buys: $10 hoodies at Hollister, $10 skate shoes at Journeys and Pac Sun, $2 shirts at Old Navy, $6 swim trunks at American Eagle, $6 dress shirts at Aeropostale. I was able to use coupons and earn rebate points, too.

Oprah Winfrey shares surprise 42-lb weight loss secret that conflicts with TV docs' advice

Oprah Winfrey dished up the secret of her recent 42-lb weight loss and weirdly, it conflicts with most doctors' advice. In fact, it goes contrary to what reality TV Dr. Younan Nowzaradan of "My 600-lb Life" says and also what Dr. Oz and physicians on "The Doctor's suggest. Oprah's strange tips may even contradict common sense. Even more surprisingly, the magic bullet has nothing to do with Weight Watchers which Winfrey has used successfully and owns a lot of stock in. What are these enigmatic diet tips anyway?  Oprah Winfrey shares surprise 42-lb weight loss secret that conflicts with TV docs' advice

Free printable Thanksgiving holiday crafts and decorations

Hey all you fru-gals and guys, you like free right? Well today's freebies, from the Queen Free Bee (Me) is a truckload of Free Thanksgiving holiday crafts, games, greeting cards, coloring pages, printables. Fire up that computer and print till your arms ache and the ink runs dry, then go out get some more because you're going to need it. Print awesome table decor for your Thanksgiving feast. Get printable party invitations and holiday greeting cards. Don't forget to mail or better still deliver a few to lonely seniors. Craft up a storm with these holiday makeables!

Free printable Paddington Bear coloring pages for Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Paddington Bear is my all-time favorite storybook bear (shh! don't tell Winnie the Pooh). I loved the Michael Bond Paddington Bear books as a child and shared them with my children and students. I was in a foment of anticipation over the Paddington Bear movie. If you love Paddington Bear, movie of books, how about free printable Paddington Bear coloring pages? I've included tips to throw a Paddington Bear themed birthday party too. Paddington would probably like to be taken on holiday for Teddy Bear Picnic Day!   Free printable Paddington Bear coloring pages for Teddy Bear Picnic Day |

Free printable holiday craft patterns, templates, stencils from Martha Stewart |

You probably know Martha Stewart is the DIY home goddess. What you might not know is that her website offers free printable Martha Stewart craft patterns to make her many amazing crafts. This craft guru literally has crafts, recipes and printables for every holiday, theme and occasion.

Whatever holiday is coming next is featured on the homepage. There's a timeline of holidays along the banner menu, so you can scroll through and find printable craft patterns and templates for past or upcoming holidays. What do I mean when I say "every" holiday? Okay, hold on, here are some.  Free printable holiday craft patterns, templates, stencils from Martha Stewart |

Free printable zoo activities: Zoology, science lesson plans on zoo animals

 Earth Month in April is a great time to explore zoos in your area. Most all zoos offer free printable zoo activities and zoology lesson plans and activities for teachers and parents. Print these zoo activities for your classroom or homeschool. Whether you visit John Ball Zoo or not, you can still enjoy these free printable zoo activities and zoology worksheets. Local teachers use these zoology printables for self-guided tours and follow-up classroom activities. Anyone can print these activity guides and use them. Free printable zoo activities: Zoology, science lesson plans on zoo animals

Free printable bridal shower games, bachelorette games to print |

 Bridal showers are a blast to throw, but expensive to host. .Why not save money with free printable wedding shower games? Print bride and groom quizzes, bingo, trivia, memory, puzzles, advice and word games. Hosting a bachelorette party for the bride? We've got you covered with free printable party games, too. Party Game Ideas has free printable bridal shower games. Some require you to collect supplies. For other wedding shower games, you need to print game templates which are available. Note: some are free and others require purchase. Use these instructions to create your own personalized to the bride and groom for whom you're hosting a shower.  Free printable bridal shower games, bachelorette games to print |

Free printable James Bond 007 Spectre coloring pages, James Bond cars models

Bond is back. "Spectre"--which opened Nov. 2015, is the newest James Bond 007 film and it's also the most lavish and multi-national. Spectre picks up where Ian Fleming left James Bond in "Skyfall." For 54 years now fans have flocked to see Agent 007. And the tide doesn't seem to be ebbing. Talk is that Bond filmmakers may be eyeing the electrifyingly talented Idris Elba could as the next James Bond after Daniel Craig. How about free printable James Bond coloring pages to celebrate Spectre. Use these to celebrate Global James Bond Day on October 5.  Free printable James Bond 007 Spectre coloring pages, James Bond cars models

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