Advent Math, Writing Project Craft

So many of us have found Christmas to be far more about receiving than giving with our children. It's not that kids are so selfish, it's that marketing campaign target kids and bombard them with images of thousands of 'must-have' toys, gadgets and goodies. Who can blame kids for wanting all that cool stuff. To say, 'you're selfish' to a child is to state an obvious, but not necessarily negative fact of childhood. Telling them not to want things is pointless. But we can give them lots of positive, proactive opportunities to practice giving, sharing and caring.  Advent Math, Writing Project Craft

Convert Summer Toys for Indoor Play

I homeschooled four kids in a single-wide old mobile home. So I know about space-saving as well as money saving. My secret is repurposing. We made outdoor toys do double duty in winter with indoor uses. For example, their Little Tikes Sand Turtle was filled with Lake Michigan beach sand and enjoyed all summer. Then in winter, I cleaned it out, bleach and sanitized and brought it indoors.   Repurpose Summer Toys for Indoor Preschool Play

Cheap (Free!) Family Bonding Activities--After School Kuchen Klatsch

 I'm writing a series on Family glue recipe tips--how we have stayed connected to our family as kids enter adulthood. Being a frugal mama, I look for inexpensive, preferably free ideas. Today's costs only a few cookies and a little milk. It's an after school kuchen klatsch--a catch-up, reconnect time enjoyed with an after school snack.

When the older ones were younger, we homeschooled. After losing our last two babies, then our older kids transitioned to public school, I didn't want to homeschool the youngest alone. So she began school in 2nd grade. We started that after-school tradition that continues in high school After School Kuchen Klatsch with Kids

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