Swagbucks Birthday Bash, Get Extra Points

Today, Feb. 25, 2014 is Swagbucks Birthday Bash. You earn points with Swagbucks search, surveys, offers, watching videos, games, shopping, if you participate. Just type in swagbucks.com. I won't link to it in case my account comes up--that would be a referral link.

Just a reminder, you'll need to register for a team and start collecting your birthday bash points even if you're already a Swagbucks member. Six years they've been around (has it been so long?) So they're giving out lots of point prizes in values of six.   Swagbucks Birthday Bash, Get Extra Points Folks - News - Bubblews

I Got Free Audio Book Download Subscriptions

 Our youngest daughter is a busy sophomore with a full schedule of advanced and AP classes, part-time job, volunteer work and orchestra. She has a mountain of homework, including reading a book for biology.

So I suggested and audio book and was happy to find that   I Got Free Audio Book Download Subscriptions

Make Money Writing Online Generate Multiple Streams of Income

I have written for nearly a dozen sites in my nearly nine-year writing career. Some I still write for, others no longer exist or changed in ways I didn't like. I've earned good enough income to enable me to quit subbing and freelance full-time. So Bubblews isn't my first rodeo, nor will it be my last. It certainly isn't my only income source.  Learn how to Make Money Writing Online, How? Generate Multiple Streams of Income 

10 Posts a Day on Bubblews is Easy and Earns Money

I started writing for a site called Bubblews last summer. You can submit up to 10 posts a day and they can be very short--only 400 character minimum. And you earn money for every page view, like, share and comment. That's a breeze. But the catch is you also have to interact and read other users' post. I have long debated with myself whether writing the maximum 10 posts per day on Bubblews is a good idea. Obviously that's not possible every day, but on those times I can should I? For awhile I cut back and started interacting a lot more. Then I tried waiting out posts and interacting only to get posts bumped to the front page. Read on.  Write 10 Posts a Day? If You Can You Should

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