How to Recognize Referral, Affiliate Marketing Links on Bubblews

Okay, so this post isn't exactly a free thing I'm sharing. But it's free advice (woo-hoo, like I need more of that you're thinking). But this advice could save you headaches and money if you write or share things online. Here's the tip from an 8-year freelancer: know and avoid referral and affiliate links. Posting referral and affiliate links within articles violates many share site and content site protocols. But there's some confusion about what constitutes such links. Here’s an FAQ to explain.

What’s a referral/affiliate link?

Any link that when clicked, earns money just for clicking. Referral links pay users to direct traffic to a site. Users get paid via affiliate links to advertise a vendor’s specific products, like Amazon Associates. It’s not ad revenue sharing. It’s a direct marketing relationship where user chooses what he wants to sell on his site. Read on How to Recognize Referral, Affiliate Marketing Links on Bubblews

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